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We Take Our Anti-Theft Policy Seriously...

Anti-Theft Policy

Being at the forefront of the catalytic converter industry, we do take our anti-theft policy very seriously. We understand that being a leader in the field requires establishing ethical business standards and assuming a significant level of accountability to both our clients and the industry. Our partner group of companies have made significant efforts towards establishing high ethical standards in both client onboarding and converter purchasing, aiming to become the benchmark for responsible practices.

The theft of catalytic converters has skyrocketed in recent years. The challenging duty for law enforcement has been to differentiate between genuine and fraudulent businesses. Lawmakers have faced challenges in formulating comprehensive measures to address converter theft and have approached this problem on a state-specific level, often relying on the most suitable advice but with limited comprehension of our specific market. Our recycling companies strictly enforce a policy of no tolerance towards theft, attempted sale of stolen converters, or any form of unlawful purchase of them.

All individuals with legitimate documentation are warmly invited to sell catalytic converters within the bounds of the law. Kindly ensure that you have your business license (which might include licenses from the state, city, and county), valid photo identification for all business owners, and be prepared for a possible on-site visit or remote verification of your business during our onboarding process. To uphold the highest standards and have trust in our clients, our organizations place great importance on understanding their business practices. This entails inquiring about general operations to ascertain their compliance when procuring converters, ensuring legality and proper documentation. As part of our onboarding procedure, we conduct an Anti-Money Laundering Screening (AML) to ensure that we do not onboard clients with any past involvement in financial wrongdoing or negative reputation related to catalytic converters and your organization. We acknowledge that negative media coverage does not necessarily imply the occurrence of a crime, hence we are open to receiving any evidence pertaining to relevant situations requiring additional clarification. We continuously conduct screenings throughout our business relationship and ensure to notify you in advance when your documents need to be updated.

If you are interested in becoming a grading client, our receipts contain all the necessary information for purchasing catalytic converters. This information encompasses the individual identification of each converter, timestamps indicating the time and date of purchase, business details for both parties, the type of payment accepted, final amounts, your signature, and copies of your documents attached to our receipts. In certain states, it is mandatory to collect fingerprints, photographs, and occasionally videos of the person involved and/or the transaction, as well as license plate numbers and vehicle images.

Our recycling companies comply with the responsible supply chain sourcing of catalytic converters as outlined by the OECD guidelines. We have established supplementary due diligence protocols to accommodate our global clients, including verifying our capability to procure materials from their respective countries.

Assisting Clients with Legal Purchasing and Maintaining Documentation

We help in ensuring responsible client onboarding, as well as supporting your compliance with constantly evolving state laws and regulations. After becoming our client, we gladly help in referring you to the appropriate resources for upholding compliance. While we provide advice on state-to-state regulations, we insist that clients consult an impartial legal professional to verify the compliance information we offer, as we cannot be held accountable for its accuracy or reliability. Our purchasing aids also help in maintaining compliance and data logging, enabling you to securely store evidence of every transaction and customer.

We offer a highly efficient and profitable recycling option for scrap catalytic converters. Capitalizing on our extensive knowledge as leading purchasers, we pay top dollars for scrap catalytic converters. For any inquiries on converter recycling, purchases, Assays, or hedging Contact an account expert below today!

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