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Identify Catalytic Converter Values Based on Serial Numbers

Recycling catalytic converters is not only a responsible environmental decision, but also offers an added value to your business. These valuable automotive parts hold significant amounts of precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. With our innovative Catalytic Converter Recycling App, you can effectively and lucratively oversee your recycling endeavors. 

Valuable Features

  • A trustworthy and accurate database with data derived from real laboratory assay values for catalytic converters. 
  • Thousands of catalytic converters and hundreds of new catalytic converter assays are added each month. 
  • Settings allow for visibility of prices based on actual market prices as well as hedge prices. 
  • The Shopping Cart feature helps users calculate their inventory totals.  
  • Profitability adjustments using our margin setting tool. 
  • Capable of showing multiple images of each unit for comparisons to aid in better identification. 

Streamline Recycling with Our App Today!

We have created a database specifically for obtaining values for catalytic converters. This simplifies the recycling process and takes the guess work out of converter identification. 

Scrap Converter Identification: Effortlessly identify the value based on make, model, year, and serial number or identifier of your scrap catalytic converters through the convenience of the application.  

Profit Maximization: Accurate and immediate pricing information enables you to make well-informed choices, guaranteeing optimal returns for your valuable metals. 

Get Started With Our App Today!

Make sure you utilize your scrap converters effectively. Start recycling on your way to a more environmentally friendly future and an increased profit margin by getting our Catalytic Converter Database.  To Learn more about our tools, contact an account specialist on (702) 844-8842 or via the contact form below. 

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